How to be Emotionally Independent

How important is emotional independent for anyone

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Emotionally Independent 

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In my opinion, a loving relationship is something you accustomed yourself to depend on someone for help. We all like to be consoled and supported on a daily basis. It is not unusual for all of us to take it for granted that we will have this help always without even accepting that this aid is not permanent. But that is not possible in the long run, the person who supports you will leave you one day for some reason or the other. Once that happens you will be on your own with further suffering, one thing your help is gone and another thing you might start to miss that person. Learning to help myself is the best way to survive. So, the best way of survival is to be emotionally independent; I have given tips here to overcome the feeling dependence

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Vathani Ariyam
Vathani Ariyam

Let me introduce myself first, I am a wife, mother and grandmother, employed as an accountant for a long time. My past jobs, all involved intensive use of computers but it was to deal with various accounting, payroll packages and excel to produce some work sheets. In 2014, for some reason I started to learn to create websites and from thereon I got into internet marketing, and still working towards achieving the best, therefore working hard towards my goal as I love this industry so much.
I have created a website for my accounting business, www.sataccounts.co.uk, which is looking good and attractive.
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The blog I created called www.ourbusinessblog .com is looking beautiful and I had some viewers for that blog, just explaining how to become an entrepreneur and grow the business.
My third blog that I created www.myhomebusinessblog.co.uk has attracted some visitors, it is not easy to make money from the blog but you can build an audience. This blog is advising the readers, about different types of home business available out there and also pointing towards the people who like to work from home.
. These websites and blogs need regular updates that I will be doing on a regular basis, for the customers to visit and enjoy and also to help you to achieve something from my contents.
In my opinion, lots of people are always thinking about starting a new business. so, I decided to create another blog about the procedures involved in the setup, long term benefits and some issues that you could face while you are setting up. Please welcome to read my blog - www.ourbusinessblog.com
All of us face family, relationship issues as part of our life, some people try and leave the relationship as they could not face the challenges without finding a solution for it, but some others, try to keep the relationship and handle the issues with success.
So, my fifth blog www.moneymarriagefamily.com is all about these and sometimes, money creates the problems, that I having been addressing in this blog.
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I am the author of all these blogs, I have shown all my passions in my blogs welcome to have a look.- www.vathaniariyam.com- this is all about inspiring the people to be happy and live with confidence.

My latest tenth blog is all about eBooks, www.eBookmarket.net under different topics, they are, eBooks about business, Self- help and parenting.

Some people think making money online is easy, but I do not agree with it, unless you are consistent and know what you are doing is the correct path to achieve that.

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